Wednesday, 12 August 2020
JT launches CSR Bulgaria Project
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Sofia, Bulgaria, March 1, 2010
 JT International is launching its latest project development called CSR Bulgaria. The concept will turn the project into the first specialized media for Corporate Social Responsibility news and activities in Bulgaria. The project will be separated into Non-Government Organisation associated with partners from the Media sector and Social Sphere. The development stages start with the opening of the internet portal CSR.BG in late of May. After the portal the concepts "My CSR Portfolio" and "Bulgarian CSR Book" will be introduced which are concern the socially oriented corporate sector in the country.
"The country feels a great need of a Socially Responsible Media which will be focused over the "Good" news. CSR Bulgaria will deliver the better news there you will find what are the business doing for the society. Every socially responsible project will find its connection with the public. It's strange, but the good news are normally ignored by the mass medias. No one pays attention how great and huge projects are realized in favor of the society and nature in the country. We want to give the responsible businesses greater publicity and CSR Bulgaria will provide it." says JTs general manager Boris Kolev. Mission is to promote the CSR policies and practices deveoplment and implementation in every sphere and business in Bulgaria. The portal will provide a open space for every business to share it's CSR policies, practices and results. More information will be available in late May 2010. 


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