Tuesday, 11 August 2020
JT International's CEO - Boris Kolev won a price "Young Manager of the Year" contest
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Eureka Foundation recognized the CEO of JT International in its annual competition "Young Manager of the Year" 

The Executive Director of JT International - Boris Kolev was awarded a special award for innovation in the competition of the "Eureka" Foundation. It ranks second only to Elena Marinova - Manager of Musala Soft LTD. 

Boris Kolev is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, according to national and international media. Founded his first company as early as 18 years, only a few months later he won the world's business magazine BusinessWeek - 2nd place for "Best Young Entrepreneur of Europe." 

Even as a student in 9th grade, Boris started a student company as a project in the 151st school in Sofia. Only for two years along with his team of classmates he managed not only to win almost all national awards in competitions of JA, but also reaches to 3rd place in Europe for the best Student Company Tea, in Brussels in 2005. 

Later, in 2005, Boris founded the first football championship for Internet addicts in Bulgaria under the name "ForumsLeague Bulgaria” (“Bulgarian Football Forums League”). Today it is the biggest football tournament for amateurs in Bulgaria. There are matches played every weekend, nine months a year, the participants are over 700 people every week and the organizing team counts over 30 people. 

In 2007. Boris founded the first company which introduced the mobile advertising via Bluetooth technology in Bulgaria - BlueMark. Later, in 2008 with the same great success he launched the first team offering professional services and advertising in the social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and more. 

In 2008. Boris was elected president of the JA-YE Alumni Bulgaria - the youth organization of Junior Achievement Bulgaria and became part of its European board. 

In 2008 and 2009, Boris has been involved in managing the Foundation “Step for Bulgaria”, which organized the largest educational projects for orphaned children made so far in the country for three consecutive years. Each year in a summer camp in the town of Varna, between 60 and 80 children from orphanages from all parts of the country were given the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills on how to effectively manage their life, how to set goals, to motivate and succeed in today’s world. 

In 2009. Boris founded the first company to advertise through fragrances and aromatics in Bulgaria – ScentMark, which is trying to impose targeted use of scents in advertising campaigns. 

Also in 2009 Boris established Foundation “MASTERMIND", which deals with the wide spreading of knowledge about personal development and  self-awareness. The first step that the foundation did is to obtain the rights and dub in Bulgarian the phenomenal film "The Secret" Rhonda Byrne. The movie became the highest-selling DVD movie in Bulgaria ever. 

In 2010, Already 22 years old, Boris is managina a group of companies for marketing innovation, PR services and manages more than 40 people team in different directions. Among some of the serious customers of his company are Mobiltel, Globul, Germanos and Nestle. 

In 2010, Boris, along with a team and very enthusiastic socially responsible young people created the first business network for Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR Bulgaria. In less than four months the non-profit organization managed to attract partners for more than 15 nonprofit organizations, over 25 media and realized partnership for more than 5 events. The mission of CSR Bulgaria is to achieve a positive synergy between the needs and resources of business and society and bring benefit to all parties. 

Since mid -2009. Boris delivers practical and motivational lectures and presentations on entrepreneurship and marketing innovations in Bulgarian and international universities such as New Bulgarian University, City University, American University in Bulgaria, College of Commerce and Marketing Management and a lot of schools. 


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