Tuesday, 18 June 2019
Social Responsibility
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Our Commitment 

JT International is committed to being a responsible member of the global community and our planet. We believe we have a responsibility to do what is right, not only for our business and our stakeholders, but also for the nature, society and our economy. Responsibility and accountability are our guiding principles, and our actions must be always demonstrating our values. We are strictly following our code of conduct based on ethics and principles. 
Every action and project we crate is based on developing our community and culture, protecting the environment and saving worlds' resources. We are devoting serious part of our time in favor of better and happier society. We are dedicating our success to the people and help people to succeed in their desires and dreams. Every member of our team are giving lots of energy in supporting local and global causes and community problems. 
JT International has developed projects oriented towards almost every problem community - orphanages, people with disabilities, minority groups, retired people and more. We are addressing causes in the spheres of poverty, education, integration, healthcare, ecological issues, Green issues, national and domestic problems, infrastructure and more.
In additiony to the policies and practices we have, JT International is continuously supporting social and non-profit organisations with financial and in-kind sponsorships, partnering in their projects and delivering voluntary labour hours. We are support the following causes:
  •      Educating and Helping Orphan Children:  Step for Bulgaria Foundation
  •      Youth Entrepreneurship and Business Education: Junior Achievement Bulgaria Foundation 
  •      Youth Business and Community Networking: JA-YE Alumni Business Club Bulgaria
  •      Entrepreneurial Support and Education: Start Up Foundation
  •      Physical Stagnation Causes - Outdoor Sport: ForumsLeague Bulgaria (JT International Project)
  •      Promote Corporate Social Responsibility Policies: CSR Bulgaria (JT International Project)
  •      Educational Institutions: National Comprehensive School "Sofia"

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