Thursday, 09 July 2020
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JT International Marketing Innovations Group


JT International Group of Business Units are structured in three differenciated groups. The Marketing Services Group is a structure of 5 business units providing standart advertising and marketing communications services. Gathered together the group works as a full service marketing communications agency.


JT International Marketing Group


The Marketing Innovations Group is formed of 8 companies each one providing innovative products or services and develops a nische sphere in the market. The companies services are aimed to deliver complimentary innovation to increase the effectiveness and popularity of the standart marketing communications.


JT International Innovations Group


The Projects Group is composed of separated business units, organisations, media projects, and social events initialized by JT International Team and usually released to develip as independent organisations. The projects are aimed to serve in the social and media spheres and normaly are also formed with the idea of serving innovative ideas and nische lines.


JT International Projects Group


JT International Info