Tuesday, 18 June 2019
History of JT International
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JT International has its origins since 2003 when it was started as a student project in the Business and Economics department of National Comprehensive School "Sofia", Bulgaria. The company was developed by a team of 14 years old kids under the guidance of Junior Achievement Bulgaria educational programs and methods. 

In the beginning the main business of JT was in producing advertising materials, simple web designs, the very innovative at that time CD Business Cards and the students' greatest invention - the MusicPillow™. During the next three years the student team were winning almost every price around the national youth business competitions in Bulgaria. In 2005 the students even became 3rd in Europe awarded on an international student companies trade fair in Brussels, Belgium.

In 2005 the students created and developed the Bulgarian Forums League. Nowadays the Forums League is the largest social sport event in the country.

JT International was officially trade registered in April, 2007 by Boris Kolev, the manager of the student company and the only left with the great idea of develioping JT after the high school graduation.

At the beginning shares of the company were held by Violetka Minkova and Bilyana Hristova who met Boris in the Junior Achievement Alumni Business Club in Bulgaria. After a year Bilyana decided to quit the partnership in favor of her university studies and self-development.

In the summer of 2007, the world's top business magazine BusinesWeek awarded Boris Kolev and Bilyana Hristova with price for Europe's Best Young Entrepreneurs in the famous annual competition.

During the development period JT International brought series of marketing innovations in Bulgaria, in order to provide new solutions and change the status quo of the stiff advertising and communications market.

JT International was the first company providing Bluetooth™ Mobile Marketing solutions in the country. Scent™ Marketing was JT's second great innovation providing a solution to influence the customers by smartly using the sense of smell.

The JT creative team and IT department were the first company providing complex professional solutions for social networks marketing and public relations over social networking. In 2009 the innovative ideas were extended with the first specialized Viral Marketing creative tools and structured know-how. 

Later in 2009 the company founded an independent team providing specialized Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) solutions, consulting and CSR Creative for the larger corporations on the market.

After the great development of the company in 2009 there were a strong need of new management strategy. The company board decided to transform every different innovative solution and service to an independent company with own brand and management body.

JT international became a privately owned company in the beginning of 2010 when Boris Kolev decided to buy up the shares owned by Violetka Minkova and taking over the full control over the company development and growth.


from now on... Keep Dreaming! 




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