Tuesday, 18 June 2019
Founders Note
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Dear friends, 

I would like to devote this note to all the people hesitating to start following their dreams and wishes, to the young people and entrepreneurs and to those who feel themselves on the wrong place.

JT is created to make a difference! When I started this company as an 18 year old kid I wanted to create a business operating and developing out of any rules or norms. I wanted to prove that there could exist a successful business without following any economical, financial or marketing rule. I wanted to make a team thinking above the human borders. I wanted to reinvent the thinking of the thinking and make this new thinking - thinkable. I wanted to dip the company’s finger into every large market and sphere and rip up hard! I wanted to have the people in that company writing future with every product or service we invent, with every creative and campaign we do, every day. I wanted them to draw new borders and construct new rails with every idea! I wanted to create the most socially oriented business in the world, a business which works from, with and for the people and community! I wanted to create a company which model everyone will follow some day.

And you know what? I did it!

I did it because I had no limits in my own head. I did it because I was a rebel, because I didn’t listen to anyone telling me how and what to do. I didn’t listen to anyone telling me that something is stupid or not possible. Because it is, everything IS possible! I was crazy enough to believe that anything is possible and dreams come true and I found out that I was right! But my dreams don’t come true by themselves. I make them happen with belief and passion, with risk, hard work and commitment, with sleepless nights and strange eyes around! 
If you are ready to pay the great price of everything you want and dream of and know that it can break at any time and lose everything and don’t care – you will have it all! 

When I was 17, I lost my father. He was the only person I trusted for advices giving me the feeling of safety and relief in my hard choices and moments and he was very young. In such a hard moment, just in the time of the most important life choices I had to take about studies, universities, places and people, I realized something really essential about Life!

I realized that we have only ONE life and the only limited think in that life is our Time! I don’t want to waste it!  The only thing we have is HERE and NOW, the past has already gone and the future hasn’t come yet!

Think about your dreams as you already achieved them, feel grateful and thank for what you have and what you see. Always aim higher!  The world we live in is a beautiful playground. Are you going to let someone play with your character instead of YOU? 
Feel happy, smile and try to have fun with every breath you take winning every second! LOVE your world because it is exactly what YOU make it!

Keep Dreaming!



Boris Kolev
Founder JT International 




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