Tuesday, 18 June 2019
Our Code
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We do our business in responsible way. Every person at JT International is dedicated to serve and follow our rules for success and ethics. Every breath we take is committed to uphold the company's Code of Conduct.


  • Be Pro-Active!
  • Art with Integrity!
  • Think Big and Global!
  • Aim Higher even Imaginary!
  • Seek Passion!
  • Be Honest and Loyal!
  • Act with Respect!
  • Be Accountable and Responsible!
  • Think to Invent and Create! 
  • Preserve Confidentiality!
  • Protect the Nature!
  • Think in Positive terms!
  • Act Green!
  • Protect and Develop the Society!
  • Deliver Abundance!
  • Gain Leadership!
  • Build with Beauty!
  • Obey Happiness!
  • Be Grateful!
  • Be adventorous in Dreams and professional in Business!

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