Tuesday, 11 August 2020
About JT International

JT International is delivering the latest creative innovations in the marketing communications! Structured in several different brands and teams, JT is providing wide range of strategical solutions helping the business world to highly increase the effectiveness of their marketing communications.
Currently JT International Group consists of 13 companies operating under 17 different brands. The Marketing Services group is providing strategical marketing solutions, media and public relations, creative and design services, event management and innovative advertising ideas.
The Marketing Innovations group consists of 8 independent companies. Each company of the group is a founder of its sphere and develops niche business.
The third division is the Projects Group made up of a dozen of large scale national and international project organisations, NGOs and foundations.
Young, creative, open-minded and professional– this is our face and spirit of JT. This is what we have proved to be and continues since 2003 when we started as a student project.
We use inspiration and passion as main driving force, we gain experience by being professional and we create ideas to bring your brands in mind. When looking for reasons on all this, the key word is imagination. All you need is to imagine… and we will help you get closer to your vision; communicate your ideas successfully by creating an especially designed tool for you - combination of tested methods and innovative approach, in order to reach high level of effectiveness.
Challenge us. Test our imagination.
Get a first hand impression. Delight the results.


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